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We are Iulia and Alex – the dynamic duo powering the team “Pierduti in Lume”. With over 8 years of thriving in the IT realm, we’ve recently joined the club and swapped our traditional workstations for cozy home offices, much like many of our industry peers.

Where have we been so far?





Unique life experiences

Attending an authentic Indian wedding

Feeding elephants in Thailand

Hot air ballooning over the Turkish landscape

Experiencing the rush of parasailing in Malta

Mastering snowboarding in Bulgaria

Making wishes at Rome’s Fontana di Trevi

Cruising the Nile in Egypt

Tracing the footsteps of Princess Sisi in an Austrian castle

Revving up at Monaco’s Formula 1 track

Dining in a French château

Watching a volcanic eruption in Iceland

Our stories are nothing short of legendary.

Let’s stay connected!

Stay tuned not just here, but also on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok to journey alongside us, as we chase extraordinary experiences and uncover places yet untouched by the typical tourist. It’s time to get lost in the world with us!